For starters…


You’ve Got Mail

Dear Friend,

I think that those words up there are particularly perfect to describe how this blog/my letters will read. I plan on jotting down my thoughts to you as they come, hopefully with correct grammar and very little offense, as if we are close friends. While each of my letters might not be addressed to you, friend, they are meant for you.

Things you should know:

  1. I’m thrilled to have you!  You’re always welcome.
  2. I tend to be sarcastic in an attempt to be funny. If you read something and I sound full of myself, please assume I’m kidding.
  3. I want to hear from you! I will never turn down mail in any of its forms. Leave me a letter here.
  4. A note on #3: Because I will be writing to you as a dear friend, it is my hope that you will write back to me with respect the way that dear friends do.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,



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