Yes, I’ll take a corgi.



{Photo By Mike Bostock}


Dear Friend,

Do I want a corgi puppy, you ask?

YES! Look at that little guy! Who wouldn’t want him!?

Please feel free to drop one off at your earliest convenience.

Thanks so much,



Conservatory of Flowers

2014-04-13 12.27.12

2014-04-13 12.31.34 2014-04-13 12.38.59

2014-04-13 12.51.26

Dear San Francisco,

Thank you so much for the Conservatory of Flowers. Not only was this the perfect choice for a lazy Sunday, but it also brought back a lovely piece of my childhood.

When I was younger, I loved The Secret Garden. I loved it in all its forms – children’s book, novel, movie, and I’m sure if there is a musical I would love that too. I watched the movie constantly. I loved the accents, the landscapes, the flowers of course, but mostly the key and the gate. I so desperately wanted to have a secret that only a key could unlock. Every time I passed by any kind of gate, I would assume I had stumbled upon my own secret garden but was only missing the key. Seeing as how most houses have a gate somewhere, you can imagine how many secrets I was unearthing and how few I was ever privy to.

Fast forward to a few weekends ago, and FINALLY I stumbled across a not-so-secret garden that had all the allure of the garden in the movie. At the ticket counter, it turned out that being a San Francisco resident was the key to a cheaper entrance fee and that was all I needed to feel “in the know.” Needless to say, the Conservatory of Flowers is now one of my favorite attractions in this lovely city, second only to the Bay Lights.

Thank again, SF!

Until next time,


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 2014-04-13 12.48.15 2014-04-13 12.47.52

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