Dear San Francisco

2014-03-30 13.51.42


Dear San Francisco,

Thank you so much for the Ferry Building. Not only is it a memorable landmark and beautiful building, but the market inside is to-die-for. This marketplace has become one of my favorite weekend stops. You can find everything from fresh produce and organic juices to specialty cheeses and beautiful pastries. Whenever I stop in, I am definitely drawn to:

the smell of melting cheese at Cowgirl Creamery,

2014-03-30 14.08.02     2014-03-30 14.08.11

the cakes, candies, and color scheme at Miette,

2014-03-30 14.13.20     2014-03-30 14.19.35

and of course the endless supply of cooking gadgets at Sur La Table. Stay tuned for some of my springtime, Sur La Table must-haves!

Until next time,



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