Dear May

Dear May,

Whenever I try something new, I go in assuming I’ll be a prodigy. There has never been a time where I haven’t assumed the best in an unknown situation. I’ve always started a new activity, hobby, whatever, thinking that I’ll be a natural and, as such, will rise to immediate fame.

To put things simply, this has not be the case. Through trial and error I’ve found that not only am I not a prodigy, but also that if I don’t care enough to put in the time and effort then I must not have been that interested to begin with. Here are some examples:

  • That time I wanted to play the flute when I was 9… Realized I wasn’t naturally gifted, found out practicing was something I needed to commit to every day, and bounced once I received a beautiful flute for Christmas. It turned out I really just wanted a flute.
  • That time I took dance classes (obviously hip hop and tap) in fifth grade because all of my friends were doing it and I had aspirations to be a modern-day Shirley Temple. It took one choreographed dance for me to realize I’m not a dancer.

This process of elimination has been my approach for weeding out unfitting options and also for finding things I enjoy.

I recently struck gold with calligraphy! Not because I was born a calligrapher, but for the first time I am thrilled to practice something. I look forward to the time spent running through alphabets and considering letter height. This month I’m going to make a more consistent effort to practice.

New goal: letters three times a week.

I have some new supplies and am eager to get after it! (See above for my first attempt at white ink and also ink in the form of watered down paint.)

This month, I’m also looking forward to:

May flowers,


{Photo By Paweł via}

Cinco de Mayo,


{Photo By David King}

Mother’s Day,



both of my parents’ birthdays,


{Photo By A♥ via}

and a work trip to Basel, Switzerland!


{Photo By Tambako via}

What are you up to this month?

Until next time,




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