Graduation Gift Guide, part 3

Graduations Galore

Dear Friend,

For any grads who are finishing one chapter of school and are off to enjoy summer before starting another, here are some colorful gifts to say congratulations!

  1. A familiar children’s book with a message for all ages,
  2. A happy camera to capture happy memories,
  3. Spotted notebooks to jot down summertime bucket lists,
  4. A spotted backpack to put everything in,
  5. A striped beach blanket that could just as easily be used for picnicking in the park,
  6. A flowery fresh scent,
  7. The cutest portable radio I’ve ever seen,
  8. Some extra charge for those days that last forever,
  9. A phone case to welcome in the sunshine,
  10. Or one to keep up the spotted theme.

Happy Graduation all around!

xx Katie


3 thoughts on “Graduation Gift Guide, part 3

  1. How stinkin’ cute are these gift ideas!! I am loving the beach radio and mat! Must purchase. Immediately! 🙂


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