Coffee Should be Respected, Sir



Dear Friend,

In a meeting earlier this morning, I was told to use my weekend coffee time to consider how hard retiring is and that if I’d like to maintain my lifestyle at the age of 70 then I need to put away hefty amounts of cash now.  WOAH!  No thank you!  401(k) man, I appreciate your concern for my lifestyle and I realize that I need to consider retirement savings, but come on! Weekend coffee should be respected, sir. I refuse to spend my precious weekend coffee moments stewing over something like responsibility. Thanks, but no thanks.

Obviously, during the week, I also drink coffee. It goes without saying that the office coffee I’m drinking is on par with the given office task I’m executing. My office coffee gets the job done and has some inkling of weekend coffee, but let’s get real. It’s not the same. Weekend coffee drinking is MUCH different.



Coffee on the weekends is relaxing. It’s indulgent. I savor it. Weekends are when I get the good stuff – the artisanal coffees that for some unknown reason the office doesn’t stock. Most Saturday and Sunday mornings, I’ll pick up coffee at any number of coffee shops before setting off on a walk around the city. The coffee enhances the sites! If I’m at home for my freshly brewed sipping session, then I’ll flip through magazines, catch up on reading, or chat with my dear roommates. The coffee enhances my life!

Yes, it’s unfortunate that my coffee routine has such a severe dichotomy. You should know though that I plan on this current dynamic shifting when I have my own home. I’m envisioning that I’ll have all of the necessary gadgets and gizmos to make sure no coffee palate is left wanting. I’ll set up a coffee station to rival the finest bar carts. Something like this:



or this:



Until then, I will continue with my weekend coffee rituals and will defend them without apology.

xx Katie




7 thoughts on “Coffee Should be Respected, Sir

  1. I’m happy to report that I am learning to love coffee…perhaps the easiest thing I’ve ever learned! Love this blog and you!!!
    xoxo Mom

  2. Amen!!! The right cup of coffee can make your whole day. As a fellow coffee connoisseur and caffeine addict, I have to say that this whole post is on point.

    Jessie at Blush and Blonde

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