4th of July Dreaming

4th of July

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Hi Friend,

Happy Monday. Again.

I feel like that’s all I’ve been saying around here lately. I’ll figure out the other days of the week soon.

For now though, Continue reading


Dear Monday

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Dear Monday,

I do not feel like cheers-ing you.

I know it’s not your fault. I know you are just doing your job like the rest of us. I know you didn’t pick to be the first day of the work week, and maybe Continue reading

Friday and a French 75


Dear Friend,

Last night before the opera, I went to Absinthe for dinner and drinks with my friends (by friends I mean  Continue reading

Summer Reading List

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pride and prejudice html & css

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Dear Friend,

Yes. You guessed right. I was that obnoxious kid in grammar school who lived for summer reading lists. I loved the trip to the bookstore to buy the whole list. I also Continue reading

Monday again

Monday again

{image from Pinterest, shocker, but if anyone knows who put this gem together PLEASE let me know}

Dear Friend,

That’s me up there (not really but that’s how I felt this morning). Anyways… happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend and have a full, productive week ahead of you. For any downtime you find, here are some fun links to brighten your day:

  • An article on relationships (I could read about this stuff constantly),
  • Some sparkle for your desk thanks to West Elm,
  • A dress for any occasion in a timeless color,
  • A Paper Bandit Press card that everyone should receive,
  • A lovely reminder to rest from Rachael of Resourceful Creativity,
  • LOVED this perspective on my all time favorite Disney movie,
  • And a perfect pair of shoes to match!

What’s on your itinerary this week? Any noteworthy inspiration?

xx Katie