Dear June



Dear June,

Sorry I’m a day late! I promise being late won’t be a theme this month, but my tardiness should be an indication of how busy things already are!

Basically hit the ground running June 1 by helping the leading man in my life move into a new apartment! (You should know that I just Googled “leading man” to obviously make sure that that is a suitable reference… it is. Wikipedia is telling me that a good leading man makes his counterpart shine – check; is capable of singing and dancing – check, check; and plays the love interest to the leading lady – check yes he does!) I am happy to say that we successfully transferred all of the things from the old apartment to the new one, went to Ikea, went to Target, went to a Toby Keith concert, started a new month, met a friend for brunch, went to Crate and Barrel, went back to Target, went back to Ikea, went to West Elm, took a break at Barnes and Noble, built a bookshelf, a coffee table, and a couch, ordered pizza, and watched Almost Famous.


Other upcoming, noteworthy things this month:

  • My mom is visiting friends in the area so we get to hang out too!
  • Father’s Day,
  • I’m going to the Opera! (Show Boat specifically),
  • summer starts!! (June 21),
  • and a trip to Murphys to cap the month off!

Have anything good lined up this month?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

xx Katie


8 thoughts on “Dear June

  1. Your posts are the best! Sounds like you guys have certainly been busy – I love moving/help moving into a new space! its so fun to get organized (Im weird like that 🙂 and buy new goodies! xx

    • Couldn’t agree more about getting organized. Gotta love a fresh start! And all the new goodies are icing on the cake. I’m a sucker for office supplies, but he’s a chef so this round was filled with kitchen gadgets 🙂

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