Here’s a secret

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Dear Friend,

I have a secret.

Well, it’s not entirely a secret. It’s more along the lines of something I haven’t thought to say, but I’m saying it now because the thought of it makes me so astoundingly happy.

I want to live on a farm.

This might be hard to digest, particularly because I’m an indoor girl. I constantly bemoan hiking. I refuse to go camping. I have no desire to backpack. This whole time, I have been assuming that everyone puts “farming” in the same outdoorsy category as these other activities. Maybe it is in that category. I don’t know. I have never farmed so I wouldn’t know.

I do know that I love the idea of farming. I love that farming entails living in a home on a larger-than-normal piece of land. I love that I could have a barn. I would love to grow a decent size garden with fruits and vegetables and herbs. I would love to have an orchard with apple and pear and apricot trees. I would love to take care of some chickens and have fresh eggs. So much to love!



I’ve gotten very comfortable with the idea that “farming” might just be my outdoor activity. Farming might be to me what hiking has become to an absurd amount of people. I call this dream “farming” because it sounds nicer than “larger-than-normal-scale gardening with some chickens on the side.” Plus I don’t want horses so it can’t be a ranch. So for now, I’m set on farming.



I also realize that I have an incredibly romantic idea of what farming is (yes that’s Meryl Streep in my garden… maybe my ideal farm is modeled after the house in It’s Complicated… who’s to say), but from where I stand, living on a farm is what I want. It’s a goal. It’s something I want to plan for, invest in, and build on (grammar… I know). Right now nothing sounds better!

Feel free to tell anyone who’s curious. This is not a secret anymore!

xx Katie



10 thoughts on “Here’s a secret

  1. haha this is great 🙂 I love the Meryl comments – she makes everything seem so glamorous. Im right there with you though, I want the old farm house rolling hills and a goat of course – because their little beards are jus the cutest haha 🙂

  2. I can totally appreciate this as I’m from Indiana. Indianapolis, really so there was never really a “farm,” but being surrounded by them has had me dreaming of the romantic version of farm life for sure! 🙂


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