Guess who’s back


Dear Friend,

I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing from now on in any free time I find. Thank you Netflix for making incredible original series and for destroying all chances of a social life (first thank you was serious, second was sarcastic – sometimes it’s hard to tell).

If you can’t guess, I’m semi disappointed, but nonetheless, Orange is the New Black season 2 comes out today on Netflix!

xx Katie


4 thoughts on “Guess who’s back

  1. I really need to get into this show! If you can believe it, I have never seen it. I’m ashamed just to type that. 😦 Adding to Netflix now! 🙂

    • Not to fret!This is what Netflix is for! “This” being binge watching season 1 so that you can catch up with the rest of the world (that’s what I did for House of Cards). Love it!

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