Fit for a Farm

fit for a farm

Dear Friend,

I know you’ve been wondering what I would wear on the farm I mentioned here. Would I become so involved in my new outdoor activity that I would lose all interest in fashion? Would I revert to mom jeans and oversized t-shirts? While I’m sure in reality old, worn-out clothes will find their way into the “work clothes” portion of my wardrobe, I’m happy to report that I’m keeping my idealist attitude for this day-dream.

Drawing inspiration from Shirley Temple’s character in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, I’ve chosen some obviously practical pieces to go along with my dream of gardening and raising chickens.

Yes, I have that dress. No, I haven’t worn it yet. Yes, I bought it to wear in real life and not just for my future farm.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

xx Katie


12 thoughts on “Fit for a Farm

  1. I am right there with you! I would love to live in a beautiful house out in the country with my own vegetable garden and sprawling fields. The house from It’s Complicated, yessss please! So amazing.
    I love the items you pulled together above, gingham and green hunters, whats not to love!

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