Dear Friend,

Time is flying.

Today it became clear to me that it is pre-fall in the fashion world (pre-summer in my world). Not only is the year almost half way over, but just as warm weather is maybe starting to make an appearance here in San Francisco, my favorite designers are rolling out previews of what’s to come. This entails wool, knits, socks, and so much more that seems to be counterintuitive to summer weather. They may have perfect timing though as my house is currently covered in fog.

I will say that as excited as I am for summer and as ready as I am for the vacations that are lined up, I really am most excited for fall! Too soon? No such thing in my book! I’ll probably start busting out Christmas carols soon. Who knows!? Regardless, thank you Tory Burch for flooding my inbox with these beautiful pieces to feed the anticipation of autumn. That coat is my favorite!

xx Katie






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7 thoughts on “Already!?

  1. Right?!? I’m so glad I’m not the only one posting about fall. My Tuesday post next week is dedicated to the transition into fall. Sad. šŸ˜¦ But this post is great and I’m basically obsessed with Tory’s new fall line. There goes my wallet … šŸ™‚


  2. It’s such a weird feeling, I’m really ready for summer and beautiful warm weather but I love the fall as well and seeing all of these lovely new clothes kind of makes me wish it was here too. Also, I didn’t stop singing that new years song this year, I started early and when the season ended I kept going. And it’s probably not something I should admit.

    • AH! Auld lang syne!? If so, I’m totally on board. When carol season hits (for me September – March), I constantly play The Cast’s rendition of this song, which I found thanks to Sex and the City, the movie.

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