A Severe Understatement

Tory fitbit 2

Hey Friend!!

To say that I have anxiously been awaiting this day is an understatement. A severe understatement.

Let me back up. In January, the small consulting company I work for gave all sixteen of us employees a fitbit. The intent was to give everyone something to connect us (we’re a “virtual” company – double emphasis because the virtual is in quotes) and to throw in a little healthy¬†competition – literally.

I was thrilled. I’ll take free stuff any time. I will also take on a challenge any day. So many good things going on here. The little tracker would tell me everything I never wanted to know about how many steps I take in a day, the subsequent calories I burn, and so on. So far totally on board.

Then I saw them (the trackers). Not appealing. I had seen the Nike version of this whole fad roaming around the office. To put it lightly, these jelly wrist bands are not attractive.Yes they look sporty and yes they’ve started coming out in some fun colors, but black silicon wrist blobs don’t exactly go with my daily array of delicate gold, silk chiffon,¬†patent leather and what have you.

Not until today.

Thank you, yet again, Tory for fixing everything. Today Tory Burch for fitbit was released (mostly for pre-order) and I will take one of those gold hinged bracelets, thank you very much. I can now get fit in style.

How do you track your health goal progress? Are you using fitbit too?

xx Katie

Tory fitbit

 Tory fitbit 5

Tory fitbit 4

{all images via fitbit}


9 thoughts on “A Severe Understatement

  1. RIGHT?!? I am so gad you posted this as I was wondering if I was completely alone in my obsession with these Tory FitBits!! I have been wanting the Nike version, but too have not joined the fad based on its level of attractiveness. AND THEN I saw that Tory was coming out with these. How amazing are they!?! I totally want one!!


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