In Real Life

image (7)

 {with Sarah of Snixy Kitchen, Chelsea of Ginger Side of Life, Carla of Alyssa & Carla, and Kelly of A Side of Sweet}

Dear Friend,

Prior to starting this blog I had very little presence online. Basically none at all. As such, everything in my life was in real life (IRL). I didn’t realize that there could be another way.

Thanks to Lovely Letters, however, I now understand virtual reality. I very frequently scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. I like and comment on anything and everything that I can relate to, have seen before, think is hilarious, and on and on. Because there are so many lovely bloggers out there, I have also done everything I can to foster relationships. This is really one of my main reasons for blogging, and it plays out in my day-to-day life as a social media addiction. Needless to say all of these relationships have been purely initiated and maintained thus far online.

Last Friday everything changed. Thanks to Blog Party and Social Print Studio, I had my first IRL situation. I GOT TO MEET LOCAL SF BLOGGERS IN PERSON! To say I was thrilled is putting it lightly especially because I got to meet Kelly of A Side of Sweet and Sarah of Snixy Kitchen, whom I have been following and blatantly spamming with comments for months now. Plus new friends and new blogs to follow… yes please!

Jamie of J for Jamie hosted this fête at Social Print Studio, the workspace filled with the creative minds behind Printstagram and Print Studio. We ate, drank, chatted, photographed, passed out business cards, and shamelessly posted on all varieties of social media. I was in the loveliest of company and no one batted an eyelash over the fact that I held my phone the whole time. Here is a glimpse of all the party people and who knows, maybe I’ll get to meet you at the next event!

xx Katie

lovely loetters + fab in lombardia

{with Jessica of Fab in Lombardia}

image (8) image (9)

{Social Print Studio lounge space and the most critical aspect of the business – a paper mache head of co-founder George}

{the lovely photos below are courtesy of Simone Anne Lang of We Are}

SimoneAnne-3399 SimoneAnne-3423

{copious amounts of taxidermy throughout Social Print Studio and snazzy lemonade}


{the real drinks}

SimoneAnne-3517 SimoneAnne-3403

{a Blog Party Sponsor raffle – which I won! (200 business cards from lilikoi) and the sponsored goody boxes}


{I’m obviously a painfully photogenic and incredibly gracious winner}


{with Chelsea of Ginger Side of Life and Carla of Alyssa & Carla}


{my natural state of being – bag thrown on the floor}

Blog Party

{the whole lovely group}


{social media addiction}


14 thoughts on “In Real Life

    • They are SUCH real relationships. Meeting face to face is definitely a treat, but the relationships that form over sharing thoughts and sneak peaks into each others lives are still some of the most thought provoking and motivating.

      Thanks for commenting!!

  1. PSSSHT – Spamming you have not. Sweet comments, yes, not spam:) I’m so sad we didn’t get to spend more time together in San Jose, but let’s catch up sooooooon! Hope you’re feeling better! xoxo.

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