{photo via Beach Crab Photography}

Dear Friend,

There are few things I love more than mail, but put me in a room with greeting cards, cocktails, and the cutest group of blogging ladies and I will be so overwhelmed with excitement that it almost paralyzes me (see photos below – totally in shock).

IMG_5333 IMG_5293 IMG_5188

flushed with joy | focused to the point of antisocial | no one know what that face is

{photos via Beach Crab Photography}


Despite the crazy faces, last Thursday I had the great joy of attending a happy hour dedicated purely to mail. Thanks to Bobbie of Even If Nobody Reads This my life was pure bliss for the evening. Bobbie perfectly curated such a beautiful variety of greeting cards from Rock Scissor PaperJulie Ann ArtPennie PostMint Chip Inkb-spiredInk and Smog EditionsEgg Press and Hello Lucky (talk about a stacked lineup) and also served us prosecco infused with heaven, which is code for I don’t remember what was in it but it tasted great. I can’t adequately express how much perfection was jammed into these three hours.

For as much as I loved the cards and the booze and the stickers, I was most thrilled about the girl time. Girl time is so hard to come by! Even after two years in this lovely city, finding girl time (let alone girl friends) is tough. So Bobbie, thank you. Thank you thank you for imagining such a lovely evening and for bringing it to life so flawlessly!

Have you been to any particularly perfect happy hours lately? 

xx Katie

image (13) image (14)

image (12) image (15)

image (16) image (17)

Can you guess what that perpetual calendar is? If you guessed a raffle prize that I won, you’re right!

{following photos thanks to  Beach Crab Photography}


Pooja Dang, Jamaica Stevens (the venue hostess), and Bobbie

IMG_5082 IMG_5330


The cutest new San Franciscan around (Annie of MontgomeryFest)



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