A Perfect Weekend

A Perfect Weekend | lovely letters

Dear Friend,

Last weekend was particularly perfect.

Saturday night I went to the most beautiful wedding with the most handsome man by my side (if you don’t believe me see here and here). After holiday season, wedding season is my favorite. I love dressing up, seeing love everywhere, dancing all night, open bars, so many things! So suffice it to say, last Saturday was ideal.

Then Sunday rolled around and capped everything off with Continue reading


Fewer, Better



Dear Friend,

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Cuyana’s fall line with Charlotte of Worth Waking Up For. Thank goodness for Charlotte, because for as much as I love Continue reading

Dear Auckland (bunch 2)

Auckland bunch 2 | lovely letters

Dear Auckland,

Ponsonby was my favorite. Hands down. No questions asked.

I personally thought San Francisco was being taken over by hipsters, but really nothing compares to Continue reading

Well #thatsdarling


{image by Billy Wilson}

Dear Darling,

Thank you for loving your readers. I’m so thrilled to be featured on your blog today! Not only was this a beautiful surprise and such a confirmation of community, but it also happens to be the first day of fall. So many gifts wrapped up in one day!

I am reading and re-reading my copy of issue 9 and am now so looking forward to learning about your next featured reader. Thank you again for the shout-out!

xx Katie

Darling Feature

Wave after wave


{image by Chris Goldberg}

Dear Friend,

I’m one of those people who finds something they like and then I just keep that one thing on repeat until I can’t take it anymore. Examples: Continue reading