Dear September

{Auckland skyline}

Dear September,

So… I was in New Zealand (as pictured above) for your first week+ and I think that’s maybe my best excuse yet for why I’m late.

Needless to say that trip was my number one activity I was looking forward to this month. I’m overjoyed things went so smoothly, horribly sad that it went to fast, but so relieved to have those 12 hour flights behind me. It’s shocking that I’m already home and am sorting through hundreds of photos to share with you.  I absolutely cannot WAIT to talk your ear off about all of the beautiful places New Zealand had for us (me and my leading man… if there’s confusion about this terminology, see here).

On another note, my black tie affair is drawing close (a lovely friend’s wedding in two weeks) and I have no dress (maybe more shocking than being home already). It’s not so much that I don’t have any dresses, but I don’t have THE dress. And because I refuse to wear my prom dress (the only truly formal dress I own), this weekend will be filled with shopping – twist my arm…

Any fun fall kick-off plans in the works?

xx Katie

p.s. Seriously get ready for an overload of New Zealand nonsense.


5 thoughts on “Dear September

  1. I’m ready. I’m so ready. but, for clarification, was the leading man aaactually singing and dancing IN New Zealand? Because I might need to prepare myself for those photos(/videos? please?)

    if you need a shopping partner, you can twist my arm too. although, I might try to convince you that you need that red Kate Spade stunner, so be warned.

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