Dear October

Dear October | lovely letters

{last year’s pumpkin}

Dear October,

I have been waiting for you for SO long. I’m so thrilled you’re here. I’m just going to dive right in because there are so so many good things coming.

October 1: Netflix releases all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls (I’ll be shocked if I get to any of the other activities because of this).

October 5: The Alameda flea market is back in town and this time if there is a desk-sized letterpress, I will be purchasing it.

October 12: incredible brunch plans.

October 15: my biggest move EVER! (more details to come)

October 25: an engagement party ten years in the making. Ten years!!

October 31: the biggest day of the month. Halloween (there are few things I love more than dressing up), the two year anniversary of meeting my leading man, the due date for a HUGE project at work, and last but not least… the day before I leave for Costa Rica!

Do you have any big plans for October? Slash any Halloween costume ideas?

xx Katie


11 thoughts on “Dear October

  1. It sounds like you have the best month lined up! I wish I could say mine will be half as exciting. I currently have one thing planned, and it is to go pumpkin picking on the east end of long island, get a pie from Briermere, and a bottle or three of wine from my favorite vineyard while I’m out there. Oh and Gilmore Girls being on Netflix will be the end of me.

    prosecco in the park

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