Run to Target ASAP!

Sugar Paper at Target 2015 | lovely letters

Dear Friend,

I have news that will make your Monday way better. Tomorrow, October 28, Sugar Paper LA’s 2015 collection at Target will be released!! Hello gold foil, hot pink, and nautical details! The ladies at Sugar Paper really know how to pull at my heartstrings. All I can say is:


I will be going after one of the navy luxe planners and probably also a pink striped organizer for my desk. You can never have enough planners, right?

Anything catching your eye? 

xx Katie




8 thoughts on “Run to Target ASAP!

  1. It’s not ludicrous that it’s ALL catching my eye, right? I have several of the Kraft items from last year, but I think I’m going NAUTICAL this year! Whee!

    • I’m sure once I get to Target and see everything in person my whole two items only plan will go right out the window. I’ll at least get each of the lined notebooks because those won’t ever expire so… I’m just planning ahead really.

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  3. I’m really interested in your planning calendar…but you don’t show what the inside looks like.. For Instance, are there weekly pages for each month? What are the overall dimensions? The covers are lovely, but this will be a working tool. You need to show what is inside.

    • Couldn’t agree more that the covers are lovely 🙂

      As far as the insides go, I can only speak for the planners I purchased… I bought monthly planners that have a full moth view at the beginning of each month which is then followed by pages for each week of the month.

      You can find the dimensions of the different items here.

      Hope this helps!

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