Friday Fashion (7)

Friday Fashion (7) | lovely letters

Dear Friday,

Well this week was a doozy. Things weren’t necessarily difficult, but quite the storm hit here in the Bay Area. No it’s not freezing. It’s not snowing or hailing or thundering. It’s just raining. Granted it’s more rain in 1 day than in any 1 day since 1958 or something, but still… it’s water.

The wind and rain cancelled school, turned off the power in half of San Francisco and I’m sure other places too, and kept me and plenty others home from work yesterday. It’s crazy what rain can do!

So of course, this Friday all I can think about is boots and sweaters and scarves. *Please note that, again, it is not cold – just wet.* As such, Parc Boutique’s lookbook from last winter has me dreaming of snow and wishing wreaths were acceptable daily accessories.

For as beautiful as the knitwear is, I really think what gets me about this lookbook is the photography. Wing Ta of Canary Grey Photography is a self-proclaimed storyteller and I desperately want to move to one of these stories. The simple yet inviting aesthetic of Wing’s photos gives life to Parc Boutique’s pieces and has tempted me to book a ticket to Northeast Minneapolis, which is certainly a horrible idea for someone whose coldest day was probably 30F and whose idea of a storm is heavy rain. I’ll stick to dreaming for now!

What are you dreaming of this winter?

xx Katie

Friday Fashion (7) | lovely letters

Friday Fashion (7) | lovely letters Friday Fashion (7) | lovely letters

Friday Fashion (7) | lovely letters Friday Fashion (7) | lovely letters



8 thoughts on “Friday Fashion (7)

  1. These photos are so lovely! It is raining right now, which is so weird. I’m used to snow this time of year! Of course, I bet, we will get tons of snow next month after the holidays are over 😉

  2. It’s funny to see “winter” in different parts of the world. Rain makes the schools being canceled in California. Snow, in Canada. I do have to say, I don’t think I miss the snow very much – I’ll take the rain any day 🙂

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