Dear Portland

Dear Portland | lovely letters


Dear Portland,

Thank you so very much for the most relaxing and restorative weekend I’ve had in the longest time. While I anticipated jam packing every moment with hip local shops and overwhelming amounts of donuts and coffee, I spent most of the weekend Continue reading


Dear Auckland (bunch 4)

Dear Auckland (bunch 4) | lovely letters

Dear Auckland,

My my, you are pretty.

I must say I was shocked to find out from our Airbnb landlords that the west coast of the north island of New Zealand is not as popular as the east coast. Being a west coast girl myself and growing up in an area known for its beaches, I was really unable to comprehend this.

So obviously Continue reading

Dear Auckland (bunch 3)

Auckland Zoo | lovely letters

Dear Auckland,

I love a zoo.

You have a GREAT zoo.

As such, things went really well when the sun finally came out and we got to go on a zoo field trip. For the majority of the day, Continue reading

Dear Auckland (bunch 2)

Auckland bunch 2 | lovely letters

Dear Auckland,

Ponsonby was my favorite. Hands down. No questions asked.

I personally thought San Francisco was being taken over by hipsters, but really nothing compares to Continue reading

Dear Auckland (bunch 1)

{roughly two weeks ago this is what life looked like after a 13 hour flight}

Dear Auckland,

Thank you for the incredible vacation and the even lovelier memories. This was my first adult vacation and despite how unfortunate I look in that photo, I wish it had never ended.

Before the trip could begin there was of course some Continue reading