The Stockmarket

The Stockmarket | lovely letters

Dear Friend,

The Stockmarket was beyond words.

I had the best time prepping, setting up, meeting the other vendors, chatting with the patrons, selling my calligraphy, and basically sweating my face off all day. It couldn’t have been better.

The things though that put the day over the top for me were the friends.

My dear friend Hannah gave me her whole day and was the most selfless support I could have asked for. She helped me run errands, build shelves, pack and unpack the car, and really she is what got me through the day. Thank you thank you for your consistent and unwavering friendship!

And the new friends! I was lucky enough to have my little space set up across the way from Jenny of Hip to the Jive, a fabulous vintage boutique. Jenny and her lovely friend Elizabeth were a breath of fresh air and were styled to perfection. Jenny and I have since met up for coffee to share notes on life, love, and business. Here’s to blossoming new friendships with local entrepreneurs!

Overall, one of the best weekends so far this year and I am anxiously counting down the days until the Stockmarket’s return on July 18!

Are you a local maker interested in being a part of the next Stockmarket? Sign up here!

xx Katie

The Stockmarket | lovely letters

The Stockmarket | lovely letters

The Stockmarket | lovely letters

The Stockmarket | lovely letters The Stockmarket | lovely letters

The Stockmarket | lovely letters

The Stockmarket | lovely letters The Stockmarket | lovely letters

The Stockmarket | lovely letters

The Stockmarket | lovely letters

The Stockmarket | lovely letters

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Too Excited

Too Excited | lovely letters


Dear Friend,

I read an article the other day entitled “Are We Addicted to Stress?” I thought to myself, “what a ridiculous notion. No one would willingly allow themselves to be stressed.”

I have this concept that stress is a reaction to sticky situations. That when hard or bad things happen then stress appears. Cause and effect. Pretty simple.

After reading this article, though, I think I’m wrong. The article essentially says that stress is a habit and even sometimes a choice. People tend to get stressed in consistent ways, so when your brain recognizes a stressful situation coming it just automatically turns stress on. After a while, your body might be stressing out proactively. It might anticipate a familiar situation and BAM! full-force stress. Other people choose stress in a variety of forms. They stay busy and keep their calendar full so that stress is just built in to every day.

This woke me up. Big time.

The end of last week was some of the best days of my life. My mom came to town on her birthday. We had an incredible dinner and were able to catch up after too much time apart. We spent the next two days shopping for wedding dresses. There was so much love and so many tears of joy in each of the bridal salons, I can’t even explain. Then on Saturday, my future in-laws threw us the most incredible engagement party. It was completely beautiful and filled with so many people who love and support us. Never has there been such an amazing party. Finally, on Sunday morning my dad hosted a brunch for our families and a few friends who were still in town. Again, more love, more champagne, and more food. All of the good things.

The catch?

I had a migraine for the majority of the fun, which put me out of commission for some of it. Migraines happen way too frequently in my life and have happened for as long as I can remember. They are also a pretty common side affect of stress, but it took this past weekend for me to finally connect the dots that my migraines could be stress related.

I get these kinds of migraines when I get too excited, when I’ve had a lot of time to look forward to something, when all of the attention is on me, etc. It started when I was young and has become a theme, so much so that I’ve started prepping for big events by preemptively taking ibuprofen. I have basically given in to the circumstances and have pretty much started telling my body when it should be stressed. The triggers are always the same and so are the results.

So, in addition to keeping track of my headache days and increasing the amount of water I drink to deal with potential dehydration, I’m looking into stress control. I don’t really know what that means or what that will look like but I’m looking into it. I’m trying to make yoga a more serious part of my life. It’s something I’ve loved in the past and want to be more consistent with. This is all in hopes of having a migraine-free wedding day a year from now and really a migraine free life!

How do you deal with stress in your life? 

xx Katie

Let’s just be honest…

Let's just be honest | lovely letters


Dear Friend,

Can I just come out and say what everyone else is thinking? and what other people have probably already said…

Joanna Gaines, I love you!

I mean look at how cute she and Chip are! UGH!

Let's just be honest | lovely letters


K great. That’s all.

xx Katie



Superpowers | lovely letters


Dear Friend,

Superpowers have been pouring into my life from every angle recently. This is SUCH a bizarre trend, but really they’re everywhere.

Obviously I’ve seen movies where there are super powers and maybe once or twice at camp I was asked what my superpower of choice would be as an icebreaker. But never in real life has a superpower come up. Until now…

Emailing wedding photographers.

This is essentially what consumes my downtime, my lunch breaks, even my dreams. I spend a lot of my free head space coming up with questions for photographers, itemizing potential costs that might make photographers as expensive as they are, contemplating how I might get along with various photographers and whether or not that would show up in the photos, etc. I have been in talks with upwards of 10 photographers – all amazing, all incredibly friendly and excited, and all shockingly expensive. Basically what’s happening is the price tag outweighs any personality and I move on to the next.

Until the other day.

I stumbled upon the most beautiful site belonging to a married couple who does wedding photography. They charge just a little bit less than everyone else, and in addition to following up with a price estimate they sent a link to “getting to know you” questions. I’m a total sucker for personality quizzes and random games of 20 questions, so I jumped at the chance to talk/type about myself. The questions were unique and interesting and I was thrilled to answer them especially because I’m basically internet dating photographers at this point. If I answer the questions with sincerity and vibrance, maybe we’ll hit it off! Anyways, the last question… “what’s your superpower?” I had never seriously considered superpowers, but this scenario felt like I should give it some thought.

Pre-massage paperwork. 

Two friends gave me the incredible gift of a massage gift card. Well done friends! So on Saturday I went in for the massage. Part of the “get there fifteen minutes early” suggestion is to settle in, get some basic additional pampering, and fill out a little form that lets the masseuse know of any potential injuries and particular areas of tension. This form however, took it a step further. The last question was “real or imagined, what is your superpower?”

This article. 

Kate Arends beautifully wrote an essay dedicated to wellness and mental health advocacy. She is eloquent and honest and compassionate. One of her final lines states, “You have an opportunity to turn what makes you special into your very own superpower.”


So long story short, I’ve thought a lot about my superpower recently.

The answer I’ve landed on is a real “superpower” – implicit trust. 

I’ve never, never had anything remotely in the neighborhood of trust issues.  I always believe what people tell me, unless of course they’re insane – I’m not gullible. Good or bad that’s what it is. And so, I’ve decided to take this quality and see it as a superpower.

Oh! and just so you know, for the photographer’s question, my leading man and I answered for each other. His superpower from my perspective is superhuman strength and healing, and mine is mind control over him! Silly guy.

What is your superpower?

xx Katie

Big News

Big News | lovely letters

{letters by me}

Dear Friend,

Boy, do I have some news for you!

Tuesday, February 3rd I came home to the craziest surprise I’ve ever had.

Let me give you some context.

Two Halloweens ago, I met my leading man. By “met,” I mean saw across the room, fell head over heels, and then proceeded to bombard him with the most annoying antics in an attempt to get his attention (yes, I will admit that I pulled a beanie from his head and threw it on the floor 2-3 times in this effort). As you might have guessed, we didn’t hit it off.

Now, he will tell you the same story but with a different ending. His ending is roughly that he fell for me as well but that he didn’t want to give me the satisfaction so he played hard to get. Either way, we went our separate ways.

Months later, I was invited to a Super Bowl party that he was hosting and cooking for. RSVP’d to that one immediately and the rest is history.

Since that Super Bowl party, exactly two years ago, we have spoken every day and spent the majority of those days in each other’s company.

Back to the other week.

Tuesdays are normal days for most people, and like most people I came home from work and working out, hopped in the shower, threw on pajamas, and got comfy in front of the tv. My leading man was lovely enough to make me dinner. He even went above and beyond to make me spaghetti and meatballs, which is my favorite meal.

Here’s some more context… spaghetti and meatballs is the meal he made me on our first date. At this point, nothing had clicked in my mind. I was in pajama-meatball-oblivious bliss.

After I scarfed dinner in front of the tv, he cleared my plate and did the dishes. Completely thrilled, I went over to the dining room table to get some of my calligraphy work done.  I noticed in the background, my leading man had switched from having the tv on to turning on some music but thought nothing of it.

When the dishes were done, he came on over and tapped me on the shoulder for what I was assuming was a quick kiss before he went on his way to whatever he was up to next. I may or may not have had an impulse to say, “can you just give me a second,” but instead I looked over and saw something I will never see again in my life.

I looked over and saw my leading man down on one knee with the most incredible box in his hand. He started to tell me how much he loved me, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and every other mushy thing you might be able to think of. At this point I had entered so much shock I could barely understand what he was saying. Then he opened the box. THERE IS A LIGHT IN THE BOX! The little light shines down on the ring to really punctuate the sparkle of the already breathtaking diamond.

Big News | lovely letters

{photo by Lauren Mizrahi}

If I was in shock before, this was a whole new state of being.

In my thoughts and day dreams of being proposed to, I always cried. I am a crier in general, but for this instance I pictured myself sobbing and dripping everywhere due to the excitement, the love, and the joy.

I was wrong.

Instead I laughed. A lot. I laughed a lot right in his face. I was so taken aback and so incredibly out-of-my-mind excited that all I could do was laugh. I eventually said yes and now I’m engaged to the most thoughtful and detail-oriented man I have ever met. As a side note on the detail-orientedness, the music that was on in the background was one of our favorite songs, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by The Beach Boys. He really just got everything right with his planning.

I am so excited for all of the fun leading up to our big day, but for now I’m beyond thrilled to be engaged and to tell everyone I see (literally, all of the people I see) that I am marrying the man of my dreams!

Did you have a silly reaction to your proposal too? Any wedding planning advice to share?

xx Katie