Friday Fashion (6)

Friday Fashion (6) | lovely letters

Dear Friday,

Today I’m off to Portland. I’m so excited!! I really have no idea what’s in store, but I recently stumbled upon a local Portland label called Bridge & Burn so the stars are obviously aligning.

The brand has been around since 2009 and is perfectly  Continue reading


Dear December

Dear December,

I know I say this maybe too much, but oh my word last month flew by! November is already over!? How did that happen!? Where was I!?

I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely because mine sure was. Not only did I have an incredible Thanksgiving meal but I also finished some Christmas shopping and helped pick out, set up, and decorate my tree! December, you are already in full swing!

This month, while of course I am thrilled for the typical December festivities, I am most excited to kick things off on the highest note of them all! I have officially launched the calligraphy services portion of this endeavor here at lovely letters. Calligraphy services! Eeee!

So, December (and friends), the next time you’re looking for a little pizzaz for your party…     calligraphy!… lovely letters!! Let’s get in touch and work out the details together.

xx Katie

Friday Fashion (5)

Friday Fashion (5) | lovely letters


Dear Friday,

Let me tell you about the designer I would spend the rest of my life in if I had the chance… Ulyana Sergeenko. I’m sure you’ve seen her perfectly tailored, feminine pieces roaming the red carpet on ladies such as Continue reading

M & C

M & C | lovely letters

Dear Marcus and Chelsea,

Thank you so much for including me in the details of your engagement party! I absolutely loved Continue reading

Bloggers who Brunch

Dear Friend,

What’s better than brunch? Brunching with lovely bloggers, that’s what!

My favorite thing about getting together with bloggers, after of course the getting together part, is that I can take pictures of anything I want at any time. Normally I feel ridiculous pulling out my camera, but with theses ladies it is highly encouraged to snap photos, which I’m hoping will eventually make me a better photographer.

So, the brunch… Continue reading