Friday Fashion (3)

Dear Friday,

Unintentionally, this week’s theme has been brand partnerships. For some reason, I became aware of company crushes that led to beautiful consumer goods all at once and had no choice but to make sure you knew too.

Obviously first was the mashup of Sugar Paper LA and Target. Everyone is thrilled.

And now, today, I’m over the moon about Continue reading


A Blank Canvas

A blank canvas | lovely letters

Dear Friend,

I took Fitzgerald very literally this fall, what with moving in with my boyfriend and starting all over in terms of home decor. This means that I’m knee deep in the antithesis of spring cleaning. I’m in the midst of Continue reading

Run to Target ASAP!

Sugar Paper at Target 2015 | lovely letters

Dear Friend,

I have news that will make your Monday way better. Tomorrow, October 28, Sugar Paper LA’s 2015 collection at Target will be released!! Hello gold foil, hot pink, and nautical details! The ladies at Sugar Paper really know how to pull at my heartstrings. All I can say is: Continue reading

Friday Fashion (2)

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland costume perfection

Dear Friday,

Halloween is right around the corner and unfortunately I won’t be dressing up this year because I’ll be leaving the country and all

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I love dressing up. LOVE IT! Last year Continue reading

On changing my mind


Dear Friend,

Have you ever changed your mind?

I can only imagine you have because I think most people do. I change my mind constantly. I change my mind about what my favorite food is, what job is best for me, which purse is my favorite, what car I want, about so many things. All pretty frivolous but still changes.

To significantly overanalyze the constant changes, I’d say Continue reading