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Loving Letterpress | lovely letters

Dear Friend,

I love letterpress. I don’t think I’m alone in this. Doesn’t everyone love letterpress??

There has been an incredible resurgence of Continue reading


Friday Fashion (7)

Friday Fashion (7) | lovely letters

Dear Friday,

Well this week was a doozy. Things weren’t necessarily difficult, but quite the storm hit here in the Bay Area. No it’s not freezing. It’s not snowing or hailing or thundering. It’s just raining. Granted it’s Continue reading

Bloggers who Brunch

Dear Friend,

What’s better than brunch? Brunching with lovely bloggers, that’s what!

My favorite thing about getting together with bloggers, after of course the getting together part, is that I can take pictures of anything I want at any time. Normally I feel ridiculous pulling out my camera, but with theses ladies it is highly encouraged to snap photos, which I’m hoping will eventually make me a better photographer.

So, the brunch… Continue reading

Dear November

Dear November | lovely letters

Dear November,

I’m back in the US! and even though my excuse for being late this month is roughly the same as this one, I think it’s still valid.

While I normally write to each month about upcoming activities and what I’m most excited for, November, you’re different. This month I am feeling predictably Continue reading

A Blank Canvas

A blank canvas | lovely letters

Dear Friend,

I took Fitzgerald very literally this fall, what with moving in with my boyfriend and starting all over in terms of home decor. This means that I’m knee deep in the antithesis of spring cleaning. I’m in the midst of Continue reading