Lucky Lady

Lucky Lady | lovely letters

Dear Friend,

What’s worse than a ten-hour flight when all you want is to be home? A ten-hour flight where the flu sets in around hour 7. This is unfortunately the situation I was in on Saturday morning.

Everything started off fine. Of course waking up at 4:00am on a Saturday isn’t anyone’s idea of a perfect start to the day, but I was miraculously headed to first class courtesy of a random upgrade! There would be so much sleeping room! NO PROBLEMS ANYWHERE!

I got to the airport without a hitch and settled into the first class lounge. This is where I became incredibly aware of what I have been missing my whole life by flying coach… the champagne bar. Yes, at 5:45 in the morning there was a champagne bar, which was of course enticing, but come on… 5:45am!? Obviously I passed and went for the fresh hash browns instead.

Soon enough I was on the plane, in the air, and dead asleep.

Cue hour 7, when horrible things began happening. Those who have had the flu please feel free to fill in the blanks here, and for those who have not had the flu, count your lucky stars and don’t even ask about the blanks. I proceeded to turn into my most dramatic, childish self and literally cried for my mom on the plane.

After getting to know the flight attendants all too well, one of them asked as she put me back in my seat for landing if I would be greeted by a loved one or by a taxi. She brought me around to the realization that I, in fact, would be met after baggage claim by a loved one! The saving grace of this whole ordeal was knowing that my leading man would be picking me up at the airport. SUCH COMFORT!


To get off my little soapbox here and to unabashedly start pouring my heart out, let me just say that I am one lucky lady. I am loved by a man with such compassion and grace that he managed to not only take care of me all weekend but he had also, in preparation for me coming home, had my car cleaned, finished the laundry, and cleaned the house. To say I am lucky is completely an understatement, but nonetheless my gratitude for this selfless man is unparalleled.

Even after all this time, 

The Sun never says to the Earth, 

“You owe me.”

Look what happens with

a love like that. 

It lights the whole sky.

I find that it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day routine of living with someone let alone being in a relationship. It’s shocking how fast I adapt to someone working to take care of me and how quickly I lose sight of what an effort that is. My flu situation highlighted how much I take for granted, not only my health but also this incredible man who would (and does) drop everything to be with me/take care of me/pamper me/what-have-you.

Lucky Lady | lovely letters

In light of all this and in an attempt to grow, I am adding a resolution to my list. This year I am dedicated to expressing my gratitude consistently. I will be aware of the acts of kindness taking place around me, and I will thank the selfless people for the beautiful things they do.

Have you added anything to your list of resolutions since the year has started?

xx Katie


So many gems

So many gems | lovely letters


Dear Friend,

Do you ever have one of those days where you manage to find all the best parts of the internet? As if every link you click on leads you to lovelier layouts and prettier pictures and more enviable destinations and more people who love the things you love!?

Today is that day for me. I keep stumbling upon gems of gems and can’t keep them all to myself. There are so many good ones! I had to share.

The lovelier layout is here at Studio Sarah. Maybe I might just like simplicity and pink, but this just makes so much sense.

So many gems | lovely lettersSo many gems | lovely letters So many gems | lovely letters So many gems | lovely letters

The prettier pictures are Kate’s of Wit & Delight, with whom I’m sure you might already be in love but I’m a little slow to the game.

So many gems | lovely letters So many gems | lovely letters So many gems | lovely letters

The enviable destinations are thanks to Jordan of Beer Time with Wagner, an American expat in Germany. If only I could spend all of my work hours reading through her travels! Shockingly, they don’t pay me for that.

So many gems | lovely letters So many gems | lovely letters So many gems | lovely letters

(Iceland, Estonia, Venice)

And last but not least, Erika is the mail-lover I found today whose site, Mail Models, is a joy for anyone obsessed with paper goods.

So many gems | lovely letters So many gems | lovely letters So many gems | lovely letters

Happy internet hunting!

Have you found any gems lately?

xx Katie

Dear Portland

Dear Portland | lovely letters


Dear Portland,

Thank you so very much for the most relaxing and restorative weekend I’ve had in the longest time. While I anticipated jam packing every moment with hip local shops and overwhelming amounts of donuts and coffee, I spent most of the weekend Continue reading

Friday Fashion (6)

Friday Fashion (6) | lovely letters

Dear Friday,

Today I’m off to Portland. I’m so excited!! I really have no idea what’s in store, but I recently stumbled upon a local Portland label called Bridge & Burn so the stars are obviously aligning.

The brand has been around since 2009 and is perfectly  Continue reading

Dear Auckland (bunch 4)

Dear Auckland (bunch 4) | lovely letters

Dear Auckland,

My my, you are pretty.

I must say I was shocked to find out from our Airbnb landlords that the west coast of the north island of New Zealand is not as popular as the east coast. Being a west coast girl myself and growing up in an area known for its beaches, I was really unable to comprehend this.

So obviously Continue reading